Has your dog given birth to lovely looking pups? Do you want to sell off some of the little ones as you cannot raise all of them? Well, it is very important for you to find the right home for the small wonders. There is no point in selling off the pups just for the sake of selling them. You need to make sure that the little ones can find a new and caring home where their new owner will take good care of them. There are many ways where you can sell the pups. You can post ads about the new pup on local classifieds or newspaper, prepare a flyer and place it in local pet shops and pet food stores or make an advertisement in the magazines. The best option to easily sell pups is to register on the leading pup selling website. Share all information about the pupIf you want to sell english staffy puppies that you have, then you need to give a full description about the breed on the pup sale website. There are many first-time pup buyers out there who do not know how to take care of the pets. This is why you will have to provide them with the basics of pup care. You should explain to the prospective buyers about things related to walking, feeding, caring, washing, and other relevant things when buying a pup. What information should be given?

  • It is very important to give detailed information about the pup. The advantages and the features of the pup that you are selling must be mentioned in the ad.
  • The color of the pup, its eye color, the hair, the special marks on it, etc. should be mentioned in the ad.
  • If the dog is a pedigree breed, then you can even get certification for the pup and this will help in fetching more money and quick buyers.
  • If the dog is vaccinated, then you should give details of the same as well. Also, the next dose of vaccination and other injections should be mentioned.

Importance of posting photosAs the prospective buyers will not be able to see the puppies that you are selling on the website, you should put some of the best pictures of the pups along with the ad. The pup has to be clicked in the best views so that they look attractive and eye catching. It is very important to click photos of the pup when it is lying or while sleeping. The cuteness on the face of the pup must be captured and shown on the pup selling websites to attract dog lovers.

Tips On How To Sell Your Pup Online