Why are cats sent to shelters?

Cats are sometimes sent more to shelters than dogs owing to a number of reasons:

1. Allergies are one of the prime reasons for cat owners seeking kittens for adoption Sydney. The animals are responsible for nearly 29 % cases of asthma.

2. Maintaining felines can be costly because of regular veterinary checkups.

3. Most cat owners have to complain about litter box issues regarding their pets which in most cases lead to their removal from the house.

4. Cats also tend to develop behavioral problems owing to which owners become unable to get along with the animal.

Knowing the right shelter

Pet shelters charge a fee for looking after the pet while it searches for a new home for the animal and takes sufficient care during the time. The business of taking in pets in search of second homes has increased considerably over the years and many have been found to be unkind to them resulting in even deaths. Therefore, before you surrender a cat, see if the organization is trustworthy enough.

1. Check out the facility before deciding to move the animal.

2. Inquire about the facilities being offered and how soon can they find a second home for the cat.

3. Know the fee that you need to pay.

4. Get a checklist of the items that should be given along with the animal and any information that they may be seeking regarding the behavior of the pet.

5. You may have to get some medical tests done, so remember to ask the same.

6. Get some background check if the center performs euthanasia when they are unable to find a home for the cat.

Should a second home, be the first option?

Vets feel that owners should try to get to the root of the problem before deciding to surrender a cat. Behavioral and litter box issues may be due to a medical problem which can be sorted out. However, if there is no answer to the problem, then you will have to take the help of an animal shelter for your pet after thorough research.

Why Send Your Pets Away And What To Look For In A Perfect Home?
Why Send Your Pets Away And What To Look For In A Perfect Home?