A veterinarian is a doctor who is focused entirely on the treatment of animals. There are a number of tasks accorded to him by his designation and they might not be categorized in a specific mode of service delivery except of course if they have specialized in a particular medical field. Traditional veterinarians tend to practice through some of the average mode of operations such as making house calls to animals within his area of operation. For example, one might specialize on reproductive services targeting horse breeders. Others might be focusssed on the treating various dog species. In such designation, they may be offering consulting services to the owners on how best to raise healthy animals. Take a look at this site, to find out more tips on how to treat your animal healthy.
Veterinarians who have focused on such services as to those targeted towards horse breeders are always in high demand making this type of career very promising. In other instances the veterinarians focused on treating dogs might recommend joint guard for dogs. In most cases this career can be grouped in three categories large, small and exotic animals. As the name suggests the large animal vets target the farm animals such as horse, goats, sheep and cattle. Further on the large animal vets might choose specialized large animals orthopedic or offer general services to the owners. Cats and dogs are categorized as small animals by the veterinarians while the exotic animals include hamsters and guinea pigs and so on. If you want to learn more about joint guard for dogs, visit this page. 

The exotic types are based in zoos taking care of all the animals housed there such as the giraffes and cheetahs, although they may be involved in private practices offering services to people with exotic pets such as lizards and snakes. There are a number of specialties that a vet can go into just as human doctors. On the general consultation they might offer advice on the use of profender allwormer for treatment of roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms in cats. A vet who is involved in general practice will be able to diagnose and treat a myriad of conditions including basic surgery. There are other types of vets who specializes in other sectors of the field such as oncology, radiology and orthopedics and so on.
Most of these veterinarians who specialize in such medical fields usually have their own private practice, plus they may offer consulting services to others in general practice. There are routine tasks conducted by the veterinarians that are conducted in general practice such as vaccinations, neuter services, well pet exams, treatment of conditions such as kidney failure, setting broken bones and treatment of other bacterial and viral conditions. The general practice vet might call upon, the services of a specialist to treat some conditions such as a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. 
The journey to becoming a veterinary is lengthy and vets might attend medical schools followed by clinical residency. Due to the number of species that can be treated by a vet, they have to attend training that will ensure that they treat a many species as possible in the course of executing their duties. They need to offer services to all the animals that they can serve. The vets are required to complete the general residency followed by a specialty in the specific field, they wish to pursue such as in caring for racehorses. When a cat or dog has been affected by fleas or ticks they might recommend the use of Frontline plus for treatment.

Functions of the veterinary