There are many types of bead chains which differ on the grounds of the wide range of resources used in the process of manufacturing the chains. An example of the resources used in the manufacturing process includes bronze, sterling silver, stainless steel, gold and platinum. The use of a certain type of material is fostered by the end form of the chain and how it will be utilized. Some are meant to be worn as jewellery while others are made to be used in the manufacture of certain products such as luggage tags.
Although the Silver ball chain is usually made from metallic materials, the metals vary in terms of their characteristics. As such, these variations in characteristics make the process of choosing the right material for the chain to be difficult, as it needs focusing on the details before making the final decision. Here are some of the considerations that are worth focusing on in order to make an informed decision.
 Personal preference; this is the biggest personal factor, because each and every person has a unique sense of style that fosters a certain preference over other alternatives. For example a person from a royal origin, due to his or her used style of life, will likely prefer a customized gold bead chain over the alternative of a stainless steel beaded chain. Therefore the decision on what material to use should be determined, although not solely, by the personal preference. Feel free to visit this site for a selection of chains depending on its size and style. 
 Significance; this specifically refers to when the custom chain is a jewellery. This factor should be considered if there is a personal significance linked to a certain type of material. This factor is key if the custom bead chain jewellery is to be given out as a gift to someone.
 Affordability; the price of the material to be used is very vital. The metallic materials vary in terms of price and therefore depending on the type of material used, the more expensive or less expensive the custom chain will cost. For example the sterling silver bead chain is less expensive compared to platinum bead chain.
 Maintenance of the chain; the metallic materials usually have different rates of tarnishing while others do not tarnish at all. For the tarnishing ones, such as bronze and silver, cleaning is a requirement while those that do not tarnish, such as platinum and stainless steel, are maintenance free. This factor is essential for those who aim to have low maintenance custom chains.
 Gender of the consumer; it is a well-known fact that both men and women prefer certain types of materials. For example, men are usually associated with the platinum material as it is a brilliant metal that provides visual appeal on its own and thus it does not require adornment.
 Skin sensitivity; this consideration is vital to those who have high skin sensitivity. Some of the metallic material, usually cause allergic reaction on the bodies of people with high skin sensitivity. Examples of such materials include silver and platinum. However, some metals such as stainless steel are hypoallergenic and thus are safe for people with skin sensitivity problems.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Material For A Custom Ball Chain